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6/18/2005 - Well, when I got around to starting today's tournaments, I figured out that my school's computers finally won't let me log into them anymore. It's only fair - I finished classes there 10 months ago and I officially graduated 6 months ago. I knew it was coming sometime. Luckily, I still had little ways to get access to stuff I needed through my old website at school, and I recovered all the directories of code and entries into the tournament over the years, which made it easy to set up the tournament again on my own computers. So for the first time since maybe its first couple weeks, the tournament is being run on windows - the melee competitions on my desktop and the 1-on-1 on my laptop (which is more powerful than my desktop by enough that it takes roughly the same amount of time). So if you've been noticing the results coming in a different order and slower this week, it's because it's running on 2 computers instead of 6 :-) On the bright side, I haven't had any JVM crashes *so far* (I have yet to run the divisions that used to be a stress test for these), lets hope that the reason I stopped seeing those was Java 5. Also, the tournament as of this week is being run with Robocode 1.0.7 + my fixes for the hyperthreading issues.

6/11/2005 - Been gone for two weeks (and just didn't say anything while I was running it the week before), but this week's tournament is just started. Expect results to start rolling in in about half an hour.

5/14/2005 - This week's tournament is running (and if no one noticed, last week's was run and results are up, too).

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About the RobocodeLittleLeague

The Robocode Little League is a place where simplicity pays and so does innovation (particularly innovation that leads to simplicity). If you don't know what Robocode is, you should probably start here.

This tournament is based on the concept of the now dormant MiniBot Challenge, hosted by Tobe. Now that it has been proven to be quite possible to make extremely effective and sophisticated robots with very little codesize, I've started this tournament to help competitively decide which bot is the best in each weight division.

To enter your robot into the tournament, just email me about your bot, and where I can get it from. Also, let me know what divisions you want it to compete in - some robots may be able to compete in multiple divisions.