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RLL-Test 1.0

This is a program based on the software I use to automate Robocode Little League battles. It includes the current battle automation engine, Christian Schnell's codesize utility, a jar analyzer based on that utility, and a quick utility to find the rating spread based on the score of a match. Unfortunately, I can't come up with a way to run it as a jar without packaging Robocode up with it, so it's not as easy as it should be to run. Here are some basic examples of how to use it:
Run the program without parameters (it will give information on parameters and options and exit)java -classpath robocode.jar;rlltest.jar rlltest.RobocodeLittleLeague
Start a one-on-one division from division.txt using standard scoringjava -classpath robocode.jar;rlltest.jar rllteset.RobocodeLittleLeague division.txt
Start a melee division from division.txt using femto scoringjava -classpath robocode.jar;rlltest.jar rlltest.RobocodeLittleLeague -mf division.txt
Perform a lines/codesize analysis of foo.BarBot_1.0.jar (can only be done on jars, sorry)java -classpath robocode.jar;rlltest.jar rlltest.RobocodeLittleLeague -a robots\foo.BarBot_1.0.jar
Find the rating spread of bot1 over bot2, where bot1 beat bot2 2000-1000, using standard scoringjava -classpath robocode.jar;rlltest.jar rlltest.RobocodeLittleLeague -r 2000 1000
Find the rating spread of bot1 over bot2 where bot1 beat bot2 2000-1000 and bot1 is 150 bytes and bot2 is 80 bytes using femto scoringjava -classpath robocode.jar;rlltest.jar rlltest.RobocodeLittleLeague -rf 2000 1000 150 80
Print version of rlltestjava -classpath robocode.jar;rlltest.jar rlltest.RobocodeLittleLeague --version
Get help/options informationjava -classpath robocode.jar;rlltest.jar rlltest.RobocodeLittleLeague --usage
Use the codesize utility directlyjava -classpath robocode.jar;rlltest.jar codesize.Codesize
  • The lines counter does not check for illegal use of for statements
  • This version doesn't organize its directory structure like I do for the tournament. It will take jars and robot classes from the repository used by Robocode.
  • The division files should just be a text file with a robot jar name or full class name on each line. My version doesn't use these, so it isn't well tested and may be finicky in the first version.
  • This version won't create divisions on the fly based on the codesizes or line counts like my version.
  • This version also won't update the online lists like mine does :-p
  • My version generates webpages that reference a stylesheet. This version writes the stylesheet right into the generated webpages.
  • The results will be saved after each season into an html file with the same name as the input division file (but with the file extension changed to .html of course). However, competitions that are interrupted can't be finished later.
  • In the examples above, all semicolons should be changed to colons to work on linux/unix type systems.