Robocode Little League

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Robocode Little League rules/specifications

  1. These rules can be modified at any time by Kawigi and Jim as we see fit to run a better or more effective tournament.
  2. All robots entered into the regular divisions (nano, micro and mini) will compete in both melee and one-on-one in the smallest division they qualify for.
  3. All open-source robots with 14 or fewer lines of code (as defined on the Divisions page) are eligible for the Haiku and Sonnet divisions, and will be entered at the request of their authors in both melee and one-on-one.
  4. Any robots requested to compete will be entered into the Femto division, in both melee and one-on-one.
  5. No robots will compete in 'larger' divisions than the smallest they qualify for unless they are temporarily 'promoted' for that tournament.
  6. Robots are 'promoted' if they finish in the top 10% of their division. No more than 4 robots will ever be promoted from one division. Promotions only apply to the Nano, Micro and Haiku divisions.
  7. Pairings for each tournament are chosen randomly, until otherwise stated, for all tournaments.
  8. All battles will run for 40 rounds.
  9. All tournaments will run for 8 seasons, which is to say that each robot will compete in 8 battles.
  10. Divisions with fewer than 2 entrants will not be run until a suitable number are available.
  11. Tournaments are run with default physics and rules, on an 800x600 field in one-on-one, 1000x1000 in melee.
  12. If the number of robots in a division is such that a pairing of one robot would remain at the end, that robot will be included in two pairings in the next season.
  13. For all divisions except for the Femto division, the scoring will be as follows:
    • All bots start with a 'rating' of zero.
    • A robot's 'rating' is the average of their 'score' against all opponents faced.
    • A robots 'score' against a certain robot will be -800*(Log(base=20)(enemy score+score)/score-1)+enemyrating
    • Except for the case where a robot competes twice in the same season, this will always make the average score 0.
    • This also means that a robot's rating can decrease from performing substandardly against a worse opponent, even if it beats the opponent, or their rating can increase from losing but coming close to a better opponent.
  14. The scoring for the femto division is similar to the other scoring, except that each robot's score will be divided by their codesize, so instead of score and enemy score, the score/codesize and enemyscore/enemy codesize will be plugged into the function.
  15. The preferred way to enter a robot into the tournament is to upload it to the Robocode Repository and send me an email with a link to its page there (the BotDetails one). This way, others can also test against your robot when creating theirs with little inconvenience to me. If you give it to me some other way (like sending me a link to it from somewhere else or emailing it to me, I reserve the right to send it to anyone else who requests it for their own testing.